Tax Credits & Rebates

Part of the Fiscal Cliff Legislation that was recently passed included reinstating the 25c tax credits that were available until the end of 2011. This allows homeowners to claim 10% of envelope improvements up to $500. For the homeowner this means that all Energy Star rated windows may be claimed for the years 2012 and 2013. This will reduce tax liability but not be eligible for a refund.
The form needed to file is available at

Dominion East Ohio is offering Home Performance Assessments for current customers. They are available for just $50 and enable the customer to recieve a comprehensive list of recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the home. After the assessment the customer is then eligible for several different rebates if the recommendations are taken. The rebates range from $5 for each window replaced to $300 for boilers. A comprehensive list and outline is available at

Retail locations for significantly discounted CFL lightbulbs:

HVAC tune-up program that enables customers for get $25 to $600 in rebates:

Surge protector and lamp rebate:

Appliance rebates for new Energy Star appliances: